Introducing Mael

CA64CB81-1E55-45EB-A03B-76B489D97D3EMeet the newest addition to our family, Mael Angelo Bandoma Callado.


Mael at 10 days old

Mael was born on August 8, 2018 at 12:29 pm, weighing 6 lbs. and 11 oz., 19 in. in length, in Oakland, California. Mael was named after Mari’s maternal grandfather Ismael and Angelo is Marc’s second name. Mommy and baby are doing well.

Thank you Rochelle Soriano-Yasis for taking these amazing pictures.





“The Dream”…What We Do For Our Own Secret Ideals

#LivetheDream #ShiftLocal


One crucial element of our own secret motivations is the concept of “the Dream”.  This concept applies equally to acting theory, to advertising, and to real life.

Acting Studio ChicagoAmong the many scene analysis and preparation questions that the Acting Studio Chicago indoctrinates into its students is: “what is my (i.e. the character’s) dream, and what can I do to my partner to make this dream come true today?” Every person has a dream for themselves: a secret ideal that is usually impractical but theoretically attainable. These dreams are usually irrational, and at times conflicted, vague and possibly even self-defeating. Most people cannot articulate their dream; it remains stuffed away in the sub-conscious mind. But regardless of how conscious we are of our dreams or how nebulous they might be, we always act to further them.

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We’ve been nominated for the #OaklandIndieAwards!


We are so honored to once again be nominated for the 10th Annual Oakland Indie Award for Ripple Effect which recognizes a business that supports the local economy by buying supplies and services from other local vendors, creating a “ripple effect” as money circulates within the community.

Congratulations to our fellow nominees as well.  For a full list, see

Find out if we win on May 12 @ OMCA! Tix at

Ideal Date Night “Love Is” Contest & Giveaway: Prizes

We launched this contest a couple of weeks ago and you have around two more weeks to enter!  It’s super easy to join, simply:

  1. Fill in the blank: Love is ______________

  2. Use hashtag: #idealdatenight on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter

  3. Optional: Upload a pic and tag your love.

If your entry gets the most votes then you get the grand prize:

grand prize (2015)

We are also giving away several prizes to randomly selected entries:

We’re adding more prizes every week so follow us to keep up to date.  For more information, check out


Lucky Three Seven

An Oakland restaurant serving fresh Filipino food is feeding the Bay Area community by giving away free food until it runs out on December 23, 2014. 

The restaurant is located at 2868 Fruitvale Avenue, Oakland, CA 94602


Are you done with your holiday shopping yet?

Is your email inbox full of marketing emails from national retailers? It’s hard to resist because we’re all busy…it’s so much easier to just buy your present from a big box store or national retailer when they’re offering BIG discounts and even free shipping/guaranteed shipping before Christmas.

We hope you consider SHIFTING some of your spending this holiday season to a local business because…

shop local this holiday season


Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving

thanksgiving 2014Growing up, thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday.  I think it’s because my birthday usually lands on Thanksgiving weekend.  Nothing beats good food (including birthday cake) and time with my family.

We usually spend Thanksgiving with my uncles, aunties and cousins.  I come from a big family – my dad has 9 brothers and sisters so you can imagine how many cousins I have – and scheduling time to meet up with everyone is pretty difficult.  Thanksgiving was the only holiday that we could count on where usually, everyone can make it.

Has anyone else noticed how corporate America squirmed its way into this holiday? Many retail chains are open during Thanksgiving now and I feel sad for retail workers who HAVE to work this holiday season.  As consumers, are we really that hungry for sales?  Do we really need one more day to shop?  Our society has moved away from thanksgiving being a national holiday to be spent with friends and family into the biggest shopping weekend. What do you think about this? Will you be shopping on Thanksgiving?

Whatever you do, we hope that you and your loved ones have a wonderful thanksgiving.  We really are thankful for your support of Shift Local and we hope that if you do shop this weekend, you make your way to local and independent shops.

Love Mari