12 Ways Corporations Are Secretly Manipulating Your Emotions

The corporate powers that be have long recognized that human beings are not rational creatures, but rather emotional beings that can be easily manipulated without notice. And unfortunately, that’s especially true when you’re shopping.


PIC Oakland Prize: The $250+ Rare Bird Gift Basket

Overview with This Is OaklandUnlike last year’s Ideal Date Night, we were more selective with seeking prize donations for PIC Oakland. The theme for our prize giveaways during the PIC Oakland Reception at the Gondola Servizio & Lake Chalet Docks are prizes from Oakland Grown members who are featured in This Is Oakland.

The Rare Bird fits this theme and founder Erica Skone-Rees was super excited to put together an amazing gift basket that includes:

  • Woven basket
  • Woven zipper pouch
  • Breathless coasters
  • By Nieves bath salts
  • Upcycled Book journal
  • Cardboard Safari Moose Trophey
  • Prospector & Co products
  • Gift Certificate for one art class (expires 12/2014)
  • Rare Bird gift certificate for $50!

Vintage PoseKnowing that Rare Bird is an Oakland Grown member, we can be sure that they are doing their part to keep our local economy strong and that they do their best to be a sustainable independent, locally-owned business. Furthermore, Erica and Rare Bird has spearheaded community activities such as creating the Piedmont Avenue Art Walk that is held every third Thursdays from 6:00 – 9:00pm. Erica’s vision brought about a shift on the Avenue and many other merchants followed by opening their doors late every month. 

Q & A WITH Rare Bird

Answers provided by Erica Skone-Rees

What does local mean to you?

To me Local means neighbors, faces, pets, businesses, plants & trees that make up the community I love, support & appreciate 

Why did you choose Oakland to be the home of Rare Bird?

Oakland is Rare Bird’s home because this city is a perfect blend of rich culture, creative energy & forward thinkers

What does Rare Bird contribute to Oakland?

Rare Bird provides a mix of new, vintage, & hand crafted jewelry, art, home decor, clothing & accessories. We are especially proud to feature two local artists every month during Third Thursdays Piedmont Avenue Art Stroll and provide a market place for over 50 local artists & designers work year round. 

Visit Rare Bird’s website: http://therarebird.com/

Follow Rare Bird on Twitter: @TheRareBirdCA

Follow Rare Bird on Instagram: @therarebirdoakland

Like Rare Bird’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/therarebirdca

RSVP to the This Is Oakland Book Signing & PIC Oakland Reception

Rare Bird Prize

PIC Oakland Prize: Crown Nine Cerco Necklace By Kate Ellen Metals

Last year I wrote an article titled Open Minds and Forward Thinking: Women Impact in the World of Business to thank the women entrepreneurs – all Oakland Grown members – who responded so quickly to my request for donations to run the Bay Area’s Ideal Date Night Contest. So it didn’t surprise me at all that Kate Ellen, founder of Crown Nine (also an Oakland Grown member) responded so quickly to my request for prize donations for PIC Oakland 2014.

She offered her beautiful Cerco Necklace to be given away as a prize during the PIC Oakland Reception on September 4, 2014 at the Gondola Servizio & Lake Chalet docks in Oakland from 5:30 – 8pm.

I asked Kate to share what local means to her:

Local means being engaged.  It means knowing and caring about the complexity and vitality of our neighborhoods and people.  It means choosing to do small and big things that help keep prosperity in our town.  

Visit Crown Nine’s website: http://www.crown-nine.com/

Follow Crown Nine on Twitter: @Crown9Oakland

Follow Kate Ellen Metals on Instagram: @KateEllenMetals

Like Crown Nine’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/crown.nine


Crown Nine Cerco Necklace

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Quote by Steven Jobs for Independent Locally-Owned Business Owners in the SF Bay Area

Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life.

We admire all the indie entrepreneurs who choose to live their own life despite the hardships of running an independent locally-owned business. Many people have been forced to create their own job by starting a new business out of necessity. Steve Jobs said this wonderful quote that I think is appropriate to all the indie local business owners in the SF Bay Area.

We are witnessing how difficult it is to raise the Federal minimum wage, and how the biggest culprits of low wage jobs are investing in automation to reduce the need of labor. This leads to fewer jobs available at the biggest companies with the highest potential to hire. So hopefully more will be inspired to start living their own lives and provide jobs that won’t suck the life out of employees.

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Companies Against Labeling GMO’s

Companies Against Labeling GMO


These big companies oppose labeling GMO’s. Very unfortunate considering they are responsible for feeding so much of our population. But it makes sense since all they care about are profits. Hope you’ll think twice before purchasing from these brands.

List of companies:

Kellogg’s – No shame in feeding our kids crap
The Coca-Cola Company – They must be putting something in their soda to get people addicted
Nestle – They claim to be the world’s leading nutrition, health and wellness company
Smucker’s – Their tagline “there’s more than you see” is very accurate
Pepsi Co – They must be putting something in their soda to get people addicted
Del Monte – Tagline “A Nutritious Snack Anytime” forgets to add “filled with chemicals we don’t want people to know about”
MARS – NOOOOOoooooooooooooooooo not chocolate!
Hershey’s – NOOOOOoooooooooooooooooo not chocolate!
Solae – Subsidiary of DuPont
ConAgra Foods – Sells packaged foods under various brand names, so watch out!
Bimbo Bakeries USA – Largest bakery company in the United States that’s owned by a Mexican company
Campbell’s – oh no! not the canned soups 😦