March Madness

Ok, this post has nothing to do with basketball but the past couple of weeks have been NUTS (plus my bracket is busted anyway – so sad about Maryland – so forget basketball!)

Here are some highlights:

1. Ideal Date Night Contest

We closed out Ideal Date Night Contest – several giveaway winners have been announced and the grand prize winner will be announced soon!

One of the many Ideal Date Night Giveaway Winners

2. Indie Coffee Passport – East Bay

Allan Mendez Photo 1

Marc was interviewed by Becca of regarding our Indie Coffee Passport-East Bay.  Check out her amazing write-up hereGet yours today!

3. Happy birthday Marc!

We had a blast celebrating Marc’s birthday in Tahoe with our close friends.  We basically just cooked meals together, hung out and played games.  It was such a relaxing weekend!

4. Congratulations Marc!

Marc ran the Oakland Half Marathon this past weekend – I was super jealous that I couldn’t run due to a foot injury.  Marc did amazing though!

5. Shift Local – Wedding Edition: Update

We booked our wedding DJ, musicians, photographer and videographer! Yay!  More on them soon 🙂

Currently in the works:

  • Pic Oakland Exhibition – we are excited to be launching the first exhibition.  More details coming soon!
  • More Indie Coffee Passport tabling and demos – keep an eye out for this!
  • More wedding planning: We have tastings with potential caterers in the next couple of weeks and we are shopping for Marc’s tuxedo so send us you recommendations 🙂

Hope you’re having a fantastic Monday so far!

Love Mari

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