Shift Local Feature: Kelvin and Amanda

Marc and I can’t thank all of you who have supported Shift Local from day 1.  There are so many of you who have “liked,” shared, participated in our cash mobs all over the SF Bay Area and various marketing campaigns.  Shift Local would not be the success it is today if it weren’t for you guys.

Ideal Date Night contest was one of the first big campaigns we did when we first started Shift Local.  We asked a few of Ideal Date Night Contest 2013 winners if they would like to be featured on our blog to share with you their love story and how they shift local everyday.

Here’s the first one of the series:

One of the winners was our friend Amanda who won the #theresnoplacelikehome category for sharing with us her ideal date night with her now-fiance Kelvin:

amandaThanks again to Global Grub for sponsoring us in 2013!  Check out Amanda’s post on how awesome Global Grub dinner was:

global grub


Newly-engaged (and probably one of the most adorable couple we know) Amanda and Kelvin met while they were students at Cal (Go Bears!!) through volunteering in the same club – Circle K. At the time, Amanda was a junior and Kelvin was a lucky sophomore.  Amanda was born and raised in Hercules, while Kelvin is from Oakland.  After college, Amanda pursued a career in public relations at Google, before transitioning to internal communications.  Kelvin pursued a different career, attending law school before joining MUFG Union Bank to take on credit and vendor-related risk and compliance roles. While their careers are of the “corporate-type,” their personal lives are quite the opposite.

kel and amandaPhoto Credit: Allan Mendez


To us, “local” encompasses the entire Bay Area. Our definition might be broader than most others, but we’ve lived and/or worked all throughout the North Bay, East Bay, South Bay, and Peninsula, so it’s difficult to pinpoint just one specific region or town.  But going beyond geography, “local” to us not only includes nearby family and friends, but also all of the interactions that we have that help create a sense of rooted community. Simple examples include greeting your neighbor, helping a nearby stranger, or visiting a mom and pop store that’s been around for decades.


We view Emeryville as one of the most convenient places to live in the Bay Area. Need to get into the city? We’re at the foot of the Bay Bridge. Need to get to Oakland? It’s practically next door. There’s also a ton of transportation options – Emery Go-Round, BART, carpool, etc.  Also, Emeryville is a really “cool” place to live and is truly developing its own identity. When you drive down San Pablo Ave. or Hollis St., you’ll find many small businesses (new and old) that offer that “local” feel, which we love.


This is a tough one. Actually, it’s impossible for us to answer. We’ve had so many great experiences at so many local restaurants and shops all throughout the Bay Area that it’s simply impossible to keep track of.  Instead of picking a favorite, we want to speak to why we’re drawn to local and indie businesses in the first place.  Based on our experiences, they’re generally operated with a sense of pride and genuineness.  We enjoy talking to the owners and their employees and learning not only about their business, but also the community they serve. Even though we might not have an actual connection to that community, we do want to get a sense of it.


I D E A L  D A T E(1)
We can’t wait to share with you the rest of the features on past Ideal Date Night winners.  Also, make sure you are subscribed to our blog so you don’t miss any updates on the upcoming giveaway!
Love Mari

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