Why did WE PICk Oakland?

Being close to Lake Merritt is definitely one of the reasons why we PICked Oakland and we are loving this Illustrated Guide to Lake Merritt (photo above is borrowed from the article).

As the list mentioned, we are big fans of #1 on the list Cleveland Cascade…edit that…Marc loves to run up and down these stairs as part of his almost-daily run around the Lake…me not so much.  My favorite is watching the sun set during an early evening run.

lake merritt sunsetTaken during one of my early evening runs around Lake Merritt

Another reason  favorite of ours is #8 on the list, the Oakland Museum of California (for  dates on a budget) especially on Friday nights.

photo 5

Me and Marc at OCMA for date night

Also on the list is our favorite # 11 Gondola Servizio and #10 Lake Chalet, co-sponsors of our upcoming This Is Oakland Book Signing and Pic Oakland Reception.


Here’s me and Marc at a recent (triple) date at Gondola Servizio.

There are so many reasons why we love to live, work, eat, and shop in Oakland.  What’s yours?  Share your favorite Oakland hot spots and win amazing prizes from The Town’s finest indie businesss!

It’s easy to join:

  • Just snap a picture and post it on instagram or twitter and #picoakland; or
  • you can simply click below:



Love Mari



2 thoughts on “Why did WE PICk Oakland?

  1. I wanted to submit a picture, but am stopped by the following message: “Photo Contest will receive the following info: your public profile, friend list, email address and likes.” Could you please explain why Photo contest is getting my FB friend list, and what are the ramifications of this? Especially since there is a declaration that this contest has nothing to do with FB? I feel that I’d break agreement with my friends by giving their FB contacts to an unknown purpose! Thank you for edification.

    • Hi Barbara, unfortunately the platform we use, woobox, requires us to access your facebook account. All contests apps (that we know of) that run through facebook require this permission and we have to oblige in order to use the platform for the photo contest.

      However, there is a way to bypass this if you’re uncomfortable with giving woobox permission. You can post your picture on twitter or instagram and hashtag #picoakland to submit your contest entry. If you don’t have twitter or instagram, feel free to email us your picture directly shiftlocalmovement@gmail.com and we will manually enter you in the contest.

      Thank you so much for your interest and we hope you join the contest.

      Marc and Mari of Shift Local

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