SF Bay Area Date Nights on a Budget: OMCA

Upon  turning 30 (and accumulating a ridiculous amount of debt from law school), I  became obsessed about saving a nest egg.  It’s a bit of a conundrum because I also realize that life goes by so fast and let me borrow from the youngins and Drake by saying #yolo (no seriously, I feel too old to be talking like that).  So how do I reconcile the two?

Well one of the ways that Marc and I save is by looking into fun but affordable things to do on date nights so I thought, why not share some of our research with you.

On Friday nights from 5-9 pm, you can check out the Oakland Museum of CA (literally three blocks from our apartment) for half-price for adults, $5 for students (with a student ID) and ages 18 and under are free.  We only got to see one of the exhibits (we got there around 8) but you have access to the entire place! We checked it out last week and we had such a blast!  There’s also live music, dance lessons, food trucks, and local beer.  Our favorite though was the Makers & Tasters Series.  Last week, they had a mixologist teach us how to make an old fashioned and a delicious gin & sour.  We also got to see our favorite Retrofit Republic‘s exhibit on display!

Share with us your favorite date nights on a budget! Looking forward to your recommendations!

Love Mari

2 thoughts on “SF Bay Area Date Nights on a Budget: OMCA

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