Farewell to my Roaring 20’s

We had a Great Gatsby-inspired celebration to say farewell to my “Roaring 20’s” over the weekend.

Image - Dec 1, 2013 17.07.44My friends and family are such great sports when I ask them to dress up and I’m so thankful for having such amazing loved ones.

Image - Dec 1, 2013 17.09.11The french macarons were homemade by my friend Ethel and the oreo cake pops and white cholocate dipped pretzels were homemade by my friend Shell.  I keep telling them, they should open up their own bakery because they were soo good!  The tiramisu cake was purchased at Mary’s Bakery in Fremont.

Image - Dec 1, 2013 16.53.02This picture highlights my awesome Great Gatsby- inspired tiara.  I bought it from a family-owned business online, HV Sterling Co.

tableIn addition to dressing up, we also had a prohibition-themed cocktail bar.

sp2After drinks, we had dinner at SP2, a San Jose restaurant that sources locally (the food was great!).  It was a great spot to book because they were so accommodating to such a large party.

Most of the pictures from the festivities are courtesy of my dear friends Jenn and Jeremy (check out their blog: BellyBound) and you can tell which ones were taken with my phone LOL!

  1471102_10102660074181823_783094258_n Image - Dec 1, 2013 17.05.111453425_10102660951204263_2008601691_nImage - Dec 1, 2013 16.41.56Image - Dec 1, 2013 17.04.17Image - Dec 1, 2013 17.03.29 Image - Dec 1, 2013 16.40.39 Image - Dec 1, 2013 17.08.15 Image - Dec 1, 2013 17.13.14

I had an amazing time at my party.  If you have any questions about the decorations, desserts and/or libations, let me know!  I couldn’t have pulled this together without the help of my friends and of course, the best boyfriend and my favorite Shift Local activist, Marc 🙂



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