Local Eats Bay Area: Acqua e’ Farina in Downtown Hayward

Marc and I recently discovered a Bay Area hidden gem in Hayward.  I was craving Italian food and the other local spot in Hayward had a thirty minute wait so we drove around and found this cute little Italian restaurant that just opened.

Acqua e’ Farina is a  family-owned and operated restaurant located in downtown Hayward, and we were really pleased by the service.  The owners and staff make you feel not just welcome but more like at home.  We were also impressed by how passionate the owners were about their food and customers.

Acqua e' Farina Hayward Bay Area

Meet the 3 brothers and nephew of Acqua e’ Farina in Hayward!

I love how knowledgeable they are about their food and wine.  We don’t claim to be experts on Italian food but we know what we like to eat. I think sometimes that’s really all it takes since everyone’s palette is different.

I had the red snapper with white wine butter sauce (off the menu and recommended by one of the owners) and it was amazing.  Marc had the New York steak and it was very tasty.  My favorite item from that night though was the polenta.

food wine

Love Mari


One thought on “Local Eats Bay Area: Acqua e’ Farina in Downtown Hayward

  1. I can’t wail to come to CA for a visit…Acqua e’ Farina will be on my list of places to go…sounds great!  I also love Marc’s and your’s dedicatio


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