First Fridays

shiftlocalMarc and I along with our best friends Shell and Jon have been going to different local events on First Fridays.  One of our favorite spots is Drake’s Brewery in San Leandro because (1) they support a local charity; (2) they have amazing beer for $3.50; and (3) the event has a very chill vibe.

We also recently took Shell and Jon to Oakland’s First Friday event and here is a picture of us enjoying Oakland’s Linden Street Brewery beer.  Marc and I had the opportunity to meet Linden Street’s founder a couple of months ago at one of Oakland Grown‘s mixer and we were absolutely impressed by his commitment to providing jobs (and also producing amazing beer!)

Anyway back to First Friday! Haha!!! We had a great time checking out a few different beer gardens and also checking out various art exhibitions.



beerTo top it off, we got our favorite stroopwafel courtesy of our friends at The Stroopie Gourmet! I ate mine super fast and didn’t even have time to take a picture.  Here’s what a stroopwafel looks like though that I got from The Stroopie Gourmet’s facebook 🙂


We’re probably heading back to Drakes for the First Friday in September.  Please let us know if you want to join us!

Love Mari


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