Another Shift Local Day in Alameda

Marc and I made the trip to the Alameda Farmers’ Market on Webster and Haight yesterday.  They are open on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 9-1.  They had kettle corn, orchids, lots of fruits and veggies, all sorts of bread and even oven roasted chicken!

Here’s a picture from yesterday’s trip to the farmers’ market.

As we mentioned in yesterday’s post, we met a lot of great people.  One of them being JP from Home Maid Ravioli Co. who happily supported Cash Mob at Croll’s Pizza by donating gift certificates. Other than the great products that they sell, I really like the fact that Home Maid Ravioli is a family-owned business and their mission is to preserve the diversity of California’s agriculture.  They don’t use pesticide and it is great to be purchasing directly from the producer of the product so you can ask all the questions you want.

We also met some folks at Changing Gears Bike Shop, West Alameda’s Nonprofit bike shop.  If you need full service repairs or a used bike, this is the place to go.  They employ formerly homeless individuals and train them to repair, sell and run the shop.  They also need volunteers and also take bike donations.   If you have a favorite local vendor, please share them with us so we can check them out as well.

After the farmers’ market, I worked on my last paper for law school (and yes I finally turned it in…wohoo!) while Marc went to different Webster local businesses to see if we can get their support for the Cash Mob at Croll’s Pizza.  Marc found a small shop at 1604 Webster (she did not have an official store name for her store yet) and told me that I had to stop by because she sold lots of little jewelry that he thought I would love.  And he was right, the store had rings, earrings, scarfs, toys etc. and I swear I can spend hours in there just looking at what she had. Here are some pictures from the store:

And here’s what I ended up buying:

And like the people we met at the farmers’ market, this store owner provided excellent service.  Meeting owners and building relationships are definitely one of my favorite things about supporting local businesses.

What are you doing to shift local today?

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