Are you done with your holiday shopping yet?

Is your email inbox full of marketing emails from national retailers? It’s hard to resist because we’re all busy…it’s so much easier to just buy your present from a big box store or national retailer when they’re offering BIG discounts and even free shipping/guaranteed shipping before Christmas.

We hope you consider SHIFTING some of your spending this holiday season to a local business because…

shop local this holiday season


Another Shift Local Day in Alameda

Marc and I made the trip to the Alameda Farmers’ Market on Webster and Haight yesterday.  They are open on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 9-1.  They had kettle corn, orchids, lots of fruits and veggies, all sorts of bread and even oven roasted chicken!

Here’s a picture from yesterday’s trip to the farmers’ market.

As we mentioned in yesterday’s post, we met a lot of great people.  One of them being JP from Home Maid Ravioli Co. who happily supported Cash Mob at Croll’s Pizza by donating gift certificates. Other than the great products that they sell, I really like the fact that Home Maid Ravioli is a family-owned business and their mission is to preserve the diversity of California’s agriculture.  They don’t use pesticide and it is great to be purchasing directly from the producer of the product so you can ask all the questions you want.

We also met some folks at Changing Gears Bike Shop, West Alameda’s Nonprofit bike shop.  If you need full service repairs or a used bike, this is the place to go.  They employ formerly homeless individuals and train them to repair, sell and run the shop.  They also need volunteers and also take bike donations.   If you have a favorite local vendor, please share them with us so we can check them out as well.

After the farmers’ market, I worked on my last paper for law school (and yes I finally turned it in…wohoo!) while Marc went to different Webster local businesses to see if we can get their support for the Cash Mob at Croll’s Pizza.  Marc found a small shop at 1604 Webster (she did not have an official store name for her store yet) and told me that I had to stop by because she sold lots of little jewelry that he thought I would love.  And he was right, the store had rings, earrings, scarfs, toys etc. and I swear I can spend hours in there just looking at what she had. Here are some pictures from the store:

And here’s what I ended up buying:

And like the people we met at the farmers’ market, this store owner provided excellent service.  Meeting owners and building relationships are definitely one of my favorite things about supporting local businesses.

What are you doing to shift local today?

Exciting developments: Cash Mob at Croll’s Pizza

Just got word that Cash Mob at Croll’s Pizza will be getting pinball machines courtesy of Pacific Pin Ball Museum  just for all of you cash mobbers!

1510 Webster Street, Alameda, CA  For Information (510) 205-6959

We’re also excited to announce that Croll’s Pizza is giving a 16 inch pizza to the winner of the Cash Mob at Croll’s Poster contest.   In addition, Home Maid Ravioli Co. donated several gift certificates to the winners of the other games that we are organizing.  Yes we have more games and more details will be announced later but for now, get those posters up on the Facebook event.

We met JP Koehler who was more than willing to support fellow local businesses so if you’re ever in Alameda for the Webster and Haight Farmers Market, check out the Home Maid Ravioli Co. table.  We just bought this amazing cheese spread and olives from JP.  Absolutely delicious and he even gave us some ice so we can take it home without worrying about the cheese going bad.  Talk about excellent service right?

Are you excited or what?!

As if you need more convincing

Here’s a great article from discussing how buying local and cash mobs allows us to invest in our communities:   Joining the (Cash) Mob to Help Main Street

We hope to see you all at Croll’s Pizza in Alameda and please RSVP on Facebook but as the article stated, participating in a cash mob is not the only way you can help invest in our communities.  We should all be trying to shift local everyday.

You can shift local when you buy groceries and gifts and you can even shift local when you travel.  Were a little behind on posting more about our recent trip to Maui but here’s a picture Marc being extra excited about Local Food, an independent and locally-owned business in Maui.

Let’s cash mob…

Why Croll’s Pizza? Croll’s Pizza is an independent and locally-owned family business.  Other than the fact that the pizza is DELICIOUS, Shift Local chose to cash mob Croll’s Pizza because of their commitment to the “support local” movement.  Croll’s Pizza uses “all-natural and locally sourced” ingredients in their pizza and serve beer from local breweries.  Oh and did I mention how delicious the pizza is?  So get your cash and appetite ready because we are cash mobbing Croll’s Pizza.

Here’s a picture of the pizza we ordered the last time we visited Croll’s Pizza.  We ordered the Croll’s Combo Supreme and the Chicken Special but Daniel, the owner, recommended the Margherita and the Pesto Special.  So we ended up getting all 4.  The verdict is the man knows his pizza.  The Combo Supreme and Chicken Special were great but maybe it’s because we always want meat in our pizza and never really focused on the vegetables but there was something about the freshness of the tomatoes and basil over the mozzarella cheese in the Margherita and the Pesto Special was just simply amazing.  Anyway, We’re getting those again when we go back for the cash mob and I also recommend the 7-olive appetizer because it just goes so well with the local beer!

Croll’s Combo Supreme,Chicken Special, Pesto Special and Margherita

So here are the details:

Please spread the word!

Cash Mob FAQs: What is a Cash Mob?

To answer some of your questions, we’ve compiled the following FAQs:

What is a cash mob?

A cash mob is like a flash mob but instead of gathering together to dance, individuals gather to spend their cash! The general idea is to encourage people to go into independent and locally-owned businesses and “spend their money, en masse, to give the business owner a little bit of economic stimulus.” The result is we help businesses grow, we make people happy and we all have a great time. For more info, see cashmobs.

How much do I have to spend?

Traditionally, a cash mob asks people to spend at least $20 but we don’t want to turn folks away who can’t afford to do so. Come anyway, bring a friend (or two) and get them to buy for you haha! Kidding aside, don’t let the $20 traditional amount to discourage you from attending. As long as you’re shifting some of your spending at an independent and locally-owned business, you’re making a difference.

What are the rules at the mob?

Spend $20 (if you can, if not spend however much you want but bring cash if possible), meet three people you didn’t know before and HAVE FUN!

How else can I help?

Spread the word. Invite people to this event via facebook, twitter or just send personal emails. If you need materials to send out, we are in the process of creating a digital flyer that we can send to you or you can just point them to this blog.

How did you choose the business to cash mob?

We chose an independent and locally-owned business in Alameda that has been a big supporter of the buy local movement! Here’s a hint: They carefully craft their “product” from scratch and the ingredients are all-natural, locally sourced, and organic when in season.

Did you know that…

For every $100 spent on a locally-owned and indpendent business, $68 goes back in local economic activity. When you spend $100 in a national chain, only $43 goes back and buying from an out-of-state online seller who do not collect sales tax is virtually a total drain on the local economy.


Join us to cash mob a locally-owned and independent business in Alameda on Sunday 5/20 at 4:00 and spend your hard-earned dollars in the East Bay. When you shift local, you help enrich the East Bay! If you have not RSVP’d yet on our Cash Mob Alameda event, please do so and help spread the word.


To our friends across the bay, definitely check out SFLOMA and their directory to find local businesses and shift local in the beautiful city of San Francisco!

Shift Local Day

Somehow today ended up being a shift local kind of day. Marc is meeting up a friend for lunch at Cafe Jolie and I’m studying for my Con Law final at Wescafe in Alameda today. Then for dinner, we are hitting up Croll’s Pizza.

Beignets from Cafe Jolie’s

Alameda has such vibrant and cute locally-owned restaurants. Another reason to shift local is to maintain the unique feel of our towns. What are you doing today to support your local businesses?