Exciting developments: Cash Mob at Croll’s Pizza

Just got word that Cash Mob at Croll’s Pizza will be getting pinball machines courtesy of Pacific Pin Ball Museum  just for all of you cash mobbers!

1510 Webster Street, Alameda, CA  For Information (510) 205-6959

We’re also excited to announce that Croll’s Pizza is giving a 16 inch pizza to the winner of the Cash Mob at Croll’s Poster contest.   In addition, Home Maid Ravioli Co. donated several gift certificates to the winners of the other games that we are organizing.  Yes we have more games and more details will be announced later but for now, get those posters up on the Facebook event.

We met JP Koehler who was more than willing to support fellow local businesses so if you’re ever in Alameda for the Webster and Haight Farmers Market, check out the Home Maid Ravioli Co. table.  We just bought this amazing cheese spread and olives from JP.  Absolutely delicious and he even gave us some ice so we can take it home without worrying about the cheese going bad.  Talk about excellent service right?

Are you excited or what?!

2 thoughts on “Exciting developments: Cash Mob at Croll’s Pizza

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