Are you done with your holiday shopping yet?

Is your email inbox full of marketing emails from national retailers? It’s hard to resist because we’re all busy…it’s so much easier to just buy your present from a big box store or national retailer when they’re offering BIG discounts and even free shipping/guaranteed shipping before Christmas.

We hope you consider SHIFTING some of your spending this holiday season to a local business because…

shop local this holiday season


Shift Local Day

Somehow today ended up being a shift local kind of day. Marc is meeting up a friend for lunch at Cafe Jolie and I’m studying for my Con Law final at Wescafe in Alameda today. Then for dinner, we are hitting up Croll’s Pizza.

Beignets from Cafe Jolie’s

Alameda has such vibrant and cute locally-owned restaurants. Another reason to shift local is to maintain the unique feel of our towns. What are you doing today to support your local businesses?