Introducing Mael

CA64CB81-1E55-45EB-A03B-76B489D97D3EMeet the newest addition to our family, Mael Angelo Bandoma Callado.


Mael at 10 days old

Mael was born on August 8, 2018 at 12:29 pm, weighing 6 lbs. and 11 oz., 19 in. in length, in Oakland, California. Mael was named after Mari’s maternal grandfather Ismael and Angelo is Marc’s second name. Mommy and baby are doing well.

Thank you Rochelle Soriano-Yasis for taking these amazing pictures.




“The Dream”…What We Do For Our Own Secret Ideals

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One crucial element of our own secret motivations is the concept of “the Dream”.  This concept applies equally to acting theory, to advertising, and to real life.

Acting Studio ChicagoAmong the many scene analysis and preparation questions that the Acting Studio Chicago indoctrinates into its students is: “what is my (i.e. the character’s) dream, and what can I do to my partner to make this dream come true today?” Every person has a dream for themselves: a secret ideal that is usually impractical but theoretically attainable. These dreams are usually irrational, and at times conflicted, vague and possibly even self-defeating. Most people cannot articulate their dream; it remains stuffed away in the sub-conscious mind. But regardless of how conscious we are of our dreams or how nebulous they might be, we always act to further them.

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Ideal Date Night “Love Is” Contest & Giveaway: Prizes

We launched this contest a couple of weeks ago and you have around two more weeks to enter!  It’s super easy to join, simply:

  1. Fill in the blank: Love is ______________

  2. Use hashtag: #idealdatenight on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter

  3. Optional: Upload a pic and tag your love.

If your entry gets the most votes then you get the grand prize:

grand prize (2015)

We are also giving away several prizes to randomly selected entries:

We’re adding more prizes every week so follow us to keep up to date.  For more information, check out

Thank you!

Thank you for supporting independent, locallly-owned businesses!  Thank you for following our blog/facebook/twitter pages.  Thank you for making the commitment to support your local economy! Happy thanksgiving!


Marc and Mari

Register to Vote!

Lawyers are always linked to politics but I was resistant to it for a long time. Even as a law student, I did not really want to be involved. I thought I could make a difference by volunteering and being an advocate for those in need. Now I know that’s not simply enough.

Marc and I created Shift Local because we understood the importance of helping sustain small businesses and specifically, independent, locally-owned businesses. As Nina Vaca, founder and CEO, Pinnacle Technical Resources, said:

Small businesses create around 60% of this country’s jobs. Small businesses will continue to be responsible for the growth of the economy. Small businesses will take this country out of the recession.

However, politics play a big role in the success of small businesses. In other words, if we really want to make a change in our community, to take control of our community’s well being, then we all have to be part of the political process.

I think there are many of us who feel like our vote won’t really make a difference, or that all politicians are the same and voting won’t really change anything. This mentality denies us of an opportunity to be heard. If we don’t vote, then no one will pay attention to the things we care about. Why would politicians care about what concerns us, what we stand for, what we believe in when we can’t even get ourselves to participate in the process?

Shift Local encourages you to go register to vote. We don’t care who you vote for or how you vote as long as you do. But the first step is making sure you register to vote. Keep in mind the following dates:

To register to vote online: Click here

If you have questions: Click here

If you need assistance in other languages: Click here

Please help us spread the word by sharing this post on all of your social networking sites. Here’s the shortlink:

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I’m back!

I took the California Bar Exam last week and it was definitely a grueling 3 days!  I’m glad that it’s over but now we have to play the waiting game (results don’t come out till mid-November).  I just moved out of my Berkeley apartment and I’m now in the process of unpacking and getting used to having free time again.  I’ll miss that city but I won’t miss the crazy studying schedule. Thank goodness I’m getting a month off before I start working to relax and Marc and I are currently figuring out what to do for my bar trip and we’re thinking of driving up to Seattle and maybe Vancouver so that’s in the works.  We’ll be sure to hit up local spots so please let us know if you recommend something between the Bay Area and Vancouver.