SF Bay Area Dates on a Budget: Wine & Spirit Tasting

Living in the SF Bay Area definitely has many perks – one being just a car ride away from the beautiful wineries of Napa and Sonoma.  I love making that trip as much as the next gal but there are so many options right in our backyard!  For example, Wine on Piedmont offers wine tasting for $5 (and 10% off one of the wines if you decide to purchase one you tasted).   To top it off, they also accept Oakland Grown cards so get your oak shares while you’re at it.  Marc and I checked it out on Saturday and we had a great time wine tasting and chopping it up with the Wine on Piedmont Staff.  It was definitely a fun date on a budget 🙂

If wine is not your thing, we recommend going spirit tasting at St. George in Alameda where you can enjoy a tour and spirit tasting for around $10-$20.  I celebrated my birthday there a couple of years ago and it was fun learning about the distillery process.  We got to see the different contraptions they use to make vodka, gin, bourbon, whiskey, absinthe etc.  The tour ends with a tasting at their bar and no joke, you should eat something before going AND make sure you have a designated driver because they’re pretty generous with their portions.  Here’s some pictures from our tour back in 2012.

We need to add a local brewery that offers tastings or tours to this list.  Let us know if you have a favorite one and we’ll check it out!

Love Mari


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