DON’T just do it, do it with PURPOSE!

We were frustrated with how difficult it was to find good, independent, locally-owned businesses in the SF Bay Area a couple of years ago.  You can only rely on Yelp so much since there are so many mom and pop shops out there that provide amazing products and services whose online presence are not quite as strong (which is one of the reasons why Marc founded I LOB Resources).  We started this blog just as a way to document our own experiences with our favorite mom and pop shops and we cannot believe how far we’ve come since starting this blog back in 2012.

We are in awe of all the support we’ve gotten from our friends and family since going to our first cash mob in San Lorenzo, organizing our own cash mob in Alameda, and creating social media contests such as Ideal Date Night in order to achieve our goal of making buying local HELLA fun.

cash mob kidsLittle Cash Mobbers  at Cash Mob Alameda

FRONTcardsize1-datenite10-2013Ideal Date Night Contest

We hope that you can join us again on Saturday March 22 to celebrate our second year anniversary and support an amazing independent, locally-owned business, A Runner’s Mind, located in the beautiful Presidio Heights.

Cash Mob SF

ARM was voted as the best small business to purchase shoes, clothing, and accessories for some serious running in the Bay!  So  if you’re in the market for some new running gear, join us on a casual 3-5 mile run led by Marathon Matt and enjoy some free Black Diamond Brewing Company’s beer while you browse ARM’s selection.  We will continue to update the Facebook event page as we get more details.

Marc and Mari


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