Running on my mind

I’ve taken quite some time off from running.  My last half was pretty terrible (I was sick) and then I got busy at work (excuses I know!) and also from moving (yes, I am now an Oakland resident! Woohoo! More on this in another post).  It also turned out that I was training in shoes that did not give me proper support so I ended up injuring my right foot.  No fun!

I now live just two blocks away from Lake Merritt, one of my favorite places to run, and I kept telling myself that I need to get started again but I was definitely thinking about further injuring my foot.

20140224-125436.jpgWhen Marc and I discovered A Runner’s Mind, a locally-owned running store in San Francisco, I was super excited because they provide a free Gait Analysis, price match and guarantee shoes for up to 30 miles.  Talk about full service right?


shoesCheck out our new shoes!

We’ve attended a few of the runs that they organize on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings which have been been very encouraging especially for someone like me who prefers to run at a  slow, basically jogging/walking pace.  Everyone else seems to zoom pass me and my competitive spirit challenges me to TRY to keep up 🙂

armGetting ready for our morning run.

post run snackPost-run snack courtesy of ARM SF!

Anyway, I really want to sign up for another race in April or May.  Let me know what your favorite one is and maybe I’ll join you!

Also, we’re in the midst of organizing a running-inspired event in March so watch out for that announcement!

Love Mari


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