Baby it’s cold outside…

It’s always tempting to stay in bed under a pile of warm and cozy blankets when it’s so cold outside. It was tough to get myself out of bed on Saturday morning but Marc and I needed to get produce and desserts for our holiday potluck with our friends that evening.  We checked out Grand Lake Farmers Market on Saturday and ended up having an impromptu coffee tasting to warm us up.

We mentioned Bicycle Coffee Co. in our Savoring Oakland post and when we saw their stand at the farmers market, we had to try it again.

20131223-140638.jpgWe paired it with Starters Bakery‘s famous Kouign Amann (pronounced kween a-mon) which was like a croissant but so much better.  It was really rich probably because it is made by rolling out and folding together layers upon layers of dough with salted butter and sugar (amazing I know!).  Marc got the traditional one while I opted for the one with TCHO chocolate.


After walking around for a bit and picking up some of the things we needed, we noticed this really cute Ethiopian coffee stand, Anfilo Coffee.   What stood out to us was how they had a sit down set up and did not have disposable cups.  In other words, they force you to sit down, relax, and really enjoy your cup of coffee.  It was nice to take a quick break from the hustle and bustle of the Saturday rush and relaxing for a few minutes.

20131222-222101.jpg 20131222-222050.jpg20131222-222116.jpg

We’ll talk about what we made for our holiday potluck and where we got our dessert from in a another post.  In the mean time, stay warm out there!

Love Mari


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