Sometimes things are better left unplanned

One of our Ideal Date Night contest participants, VP (also my awesome cousin) mentioned True Burger  in his ideal date night post.  We’ve been planning to meet up for weeks and we finally did last weekend.  A few other friends joined us and what was suppose to be just dinner turned into a pretty epic adventure around the Bay.

true burger

IMG_5172True Burger’s Chili Cheese fries were BOMB!!!

After our delicious meal at True Burger (We also had the true deluxe cheesy burger topped with a crispy portabello stuffed with mozarella cheese not pictured because we devoured it!), , we decided to go to Conga Lounge.  We’ve been there  for our friend, Eugene’s birthday a couple of years ago.  Unfortunately, it was PACKED!  We ended up going to Old Oakland’s The Trappist instead.



So much beer selection at The Trappist.  Check out their Holiday beer specials!

At some point that night, we decided to make our way to San Francisco to see VP’s girlfriend Anne perform with her band (support your local artists!) at Foley’s.  That girl CAN SING!


IMG_5183 IMG_5177 IMG_5184

After Foley’s, we found ourselves starving and ended up at Los Panchos for late night pupusas.



Sorry for the grainy iphone pictures!  It really was such a fun night and it was great to hang out with these guys again.  Special thanks to VP for being our DD!  Remember kids, don’t drink and drive!

Love Mari


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