Ideal Date Night Bonus Prize Winners!!!

For complete details on what the Bonus Prizes are, please check out our

Ideal Date Night Contest Page

Congratulations Amanda for winning your choice of 3 DIY kits from Global Grub! They don’t have spicy spaghetti yet, but we know you can’t go wrong with any of their flavors. Head over to Global Grub’s Facebook Page, Like them and message Carley (the awesome founder) for instructions on how to order your kits!

Amanda Chang Ideal Date Night Post

Global Grub

Noemi, you caught our attention with #bottomlessbeatstopless but you got extra artsy with your #cannotbeatsalsa dance moves! Email Lili ( for details on the prints you can get. We’ll message you about the $25 voucher from Patrick at Panorama Framing Inc. 

Noemi Gallardo Ideal Date Night Post


Doug’s was the place to go for breakfast when Marc pulled all-nighters back then, and we love going up Mission Peak! But what caught our attention was how hardcore boga yoga is. So hopefully you feel as satisfied taking classes at Hot Box Yoga, and you’ll fulfill your ideal date with a massage at Lolo Health! We’ll message you for redemption details.

Mia Armas Ideal Date Night Post


We can tell if someone really wants a prize when they include it 3x in their ideal date night. But you were really creative in the usage of #beerysweet so we’re gonna hook you up with a complete meal at Croll’s Pizza & Beer that includes 2 pints of local microbrewed beer! Whoever your next date is will be extremely lucky 😀 We’ll message you about redeeming the meal.

Christine Start Ideal Date Night Post


Realistically? You made us #laughoutloud with your ideal date night. So gather up 5 friends and head over to watch one of Comedy Oakland’s shows. Try to catch a show that features Samson Koletkar the “world’s only Indian Jewish standup comedian” He’s super funny, and hooked us up with some swag when we last saw him perform!

Walter Wong Ideal Date Night Post

Beery Sweet ROFL Captions with Sam

Thanks to all the Independent Locally-Owned Businesses that provided us with awesome prizes! Thank you contest participants!! We hope you’ll enjoy your prizes. Please take pictures and share them with Shift Local so we can feature them on our Facebook Page 🙂 At Shift Local, we want everyone to win, so we’ll have another update tomorrow on special prizes!!!

Yep, we hookin it up! B


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