Ideal Date Night Weekend Update # 2

#Idealdatenight Double Date

The second week of the contest had twice as many ideal date nights shared compared to the first week. Hopefully this gives us momentum to reach our goal of 100 date nights, $100 to the Alameda County Community Food Bank and $300 loaded to the Oakland Grown Gift Card.

Our leader board As of 10/21/2013 8:30pm

  1. Brizielle dejesus with 49 likes

  2. Maya Bueno with 47 likes

  3. Patrick Sun with 17 likes

If we chose bonus prize winners today

What are the bonus prizes?

  • Noemi Gallardo #yougovangogh with your salsa moves!

  • VP Porciuncula is #beerysweet 😀

  • Jennifer Obana, we agree #theresnoplacelikehome

  • #letsgetphysicalphysical and take a walk at Lake Chabot Candice Yu!

If we were to choose a winner of a free photoshoot with iworkthelight, courtesy social media implementation by I LOB Resources and half off high spirits event planning today, it would be….


As a thank you for all those who participated so far, we have special prizes for you!

They will contact you soon!

alan datenightGladys datenightFrances datenightVP datenightWaldo datenightEdris datenightJenn datenightBrendan datenightEmily datenightNoah datenightAlfred datenightAC datenightElaine datenightSheila datenightJessica datenightHenry datenightNoemi datenightMadel datenightEntrez datenightCarolAn datenight


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