Shift Local Recommended Watch: Inequality For All

“This movie is critically important. It exposes the heart of our economic problem.  Something that’s been getting worse and worse for over 30 years. Widening inequality.” – Robert Reich

The Disappearance of the Middle Class

Inequality for All stars Robert Reich, the former Secretary of Labor in the Clinton administration. Currently Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy at UC Berkeley (GO BEARS!). TIME Magazine named him one of the ten most effective cabinet secretaries of the twentieth century. He explains that

“There’s no way you can sustain the economy over the long-term without a strong, vibrant and growing middle class”

The flatline of American middle class wages

The flatline of American middle class wages

The middle class… probably the class where most of the people you know fall in. But what exactly makes you a middle class American?

Is our social status based on net income, or maybe the size of our house? Should we factor in how much debt you have? Education plays a role too, but we all know how meaningless degrees are becoming in today’s economy.

The Importance of the Middle Class

  • A strong middle class promotes the development of human capital and a well-educated population.
  • A strong middle class creates a stable source of demand for goods and services.
  • A strong middle class incubates the next generation of entrepreneurs.
  • A strong middle class supports inclusive political and economic institutions, which underpin economic growth.
The Great Prosperity should last forver

The Great Prosperity should last forver

Inequality for All focuses on explaining what lead to the ridiculous income inequality of the the richest country in the world. Basically, the 2008 economic crisis we all lived through mirrored the Great Depression of the 1930’s. So yes, history does repeat itself!

The Great Prosperity that America experienced ended in 1977, six years after the Powell Memo was first published. Back then, UC Berkeley offered free tuition. Isn’t that why it’s called a public university? Now Mari and I have to worry about school loans for many, many years…

Robert Reich’s Impact in Our Lives 

Robert Reich now chooses to be an educator, that’s how he feels he can make the most difference. His amazing intellect and humor makes him a great speaker, and thanks to him, the 99% has a slightly louder voice.

So Why Shift Local?

Those brave enough to start and grow a business that provides living wages, and contributes back to the community are ran by open minded and forward thinking people. They are fighting for the middle class by creating jobs and paying their fair share of taxes. If history repeats itself for another 30 years, then we should reach a point in which income inequality is at the lowest levels in America. If that happens, we might have a decent future for today’s kids.

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