Ideal Date Night Weekend Update

Thanks to everyone who has participated so far in our #idealdatenight contest.  


pat mike 10.13.13


JasonCandace Lisa



As of 10/13/13 at 7:30 pm, our leaderboard consists of:

  1. Patrick Sun with 13 likes

  2. Brizielle De Jesus with 9 likes

  3. Jason Frando with 7 likes

Please continue sharing your post and get more likes.  Also encourage your friends to post as well because the more people who join, the bigger the prize!  As of right now, we have 10 people who joined which means the grand prize gets a $30 Oakland Grown Gift Card on top of the 50 minute tour for two on a gondola ride around Lake Merritt from Gondola Servizio, passes to Grand Lake Theater and $30 restaurant voucher (TBD!).  So if we get 100 posts, the grand prize winner can get a $300 Oakland Grown Gift Card!

This also means that I LOB Resources is donating $10 to Alameda Food Bank ($1 per contest entry!)  So let’s get more entries and get $100 to Alameda Food Bank 🙂

Those who don’t have quite as many likes, don’t fret, you may be in the running for the bonus prizes!

Walter Wong you we sure #laughoutloud, Katrina Romero we thought your post was #beerysweet and Maya Bueno, we loved how you ended your night because #theresnoplacelikehome.

How to share your contest entry

There are two ways to join: (1) post on our timeline; (2) post a comment on our Official Rules and Prizes post.

TIP: If you post on our timeline, share our page and ask friends and family to like your post. Note that you cannot see posts by others on a mobile device so instruct people to go on a computer.

TIP: If you post a comment on our Official Rules and Prizes post, people using mobile devices can see it.

Our suggestion is to post both on our wall and comment on our Official Rules and Prizes post just in case 🙂  We will add up the unique likes.

Hope that clarifies things for you guys.  If we miss a like, please bring it to our attention by emailing us at


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