Contest Inspiration: Grand Lake Theater and Six Doors

Mari and I have always wanted Shift Local to hook up forward-thinking and locally-minded residents in the Bay Area, particularly the East Bay. Reppin! It’s hard to believe the cash mob we organized in Alameda was way back in May, 2012. While my mom’s illness played a great role in not doing much with Shift Local since then, but we can’t let 2013 pass by without some local lovin! Shift Local style…

Who Doesn’t Want Free Movie Tickets?

Shift Local operates with love. But we can't promote big chains

Shift Local operates with love. But we don’t want to promote big chains

Thanks to MoviePass, I’ve seen almost every movie released in 2013. This membership allows me to watch one movie per day at almost every theater in the Bay Area – including independent theaters such as the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland! As a consequence, I have a whole bunch of movie tickets lying around. Initially, Elysium’s social message of the rising income inequality prompted me to plan a contest that will ask participants to share a movie with a cool hidden message. But would people view Shift Local as hypocrites if we’re giving away movie tickets to a national movie theater chain?

So let’s reach out to all the independent theaters in the Bay Area to see if they want to hook it up with free movie tickets. Only Grand Lake Theater  responded by offering two free passes (thanks Audrey).

Why Independent Small Businesses Can’t Match National Big Businesses

When the big national movie theater chain is able to run a contest called 100 Days of Summer and offer $100 gift cards daily for 100 days, how would an independent, locally-owned theater compete? My 2 tickets to the local theater can’t match my 30+ tickets to the big chain. But thanks to a tweet from Pascal, founder of San Francisco based Six Doors – an app that features independent stores with same day delivery – Mari and I totally revamped our initial plan for the contest.

Maybe, there’s a way independent small businesses can compete with national big businesses…

Current Contest Prizes

Kiss Me I'm LocalGrand Lake Theater


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