Getting fit!

It just hit me that I am in the last few months of my 20’s! The past decade has been amazing and I’ve been blessed with being able to accomplish so many of my goals.  When we rang in 2013, I panicked a little…I wasn’t sure how I felt about turning 30 this year…thank goodness my birthday isn’t till November!

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to really take care of my body.  I thought it was tough to stay fit on my mid-20s but boy is it tougher now! I don’t think I’ve worked out harder and eaten cleaner in my life but I have to say all the hard work is paying off.

I trained for and ran my first half marathon and I’m signed up for another one in October.  Marc and I also recently completed Spartan Race, a very tough 13 mile/25+ obstacle course earlier this month.  Here’s a picture of me after climbing an inverted wall (not pictured is Marc giving me a quick boost up!)

Spartan Race

To train for these races, I’ve been hiking and/or running outdoors with Marc.  You can generally find me and Marc running/hiking at Lake Chabot, Lake Merritt, Marina Park and Mission Peak.


I also recently fell in love with yoga thanks to Hot Box Yoga, a locally-owned studio, literally 8 minutes away from my house.   The instructors are amazing and yoga has done amazing things for my fitness.  I don’t think I’ve enjoyed any other form of exercise as much as I have enjoyed yoga.  There’s something about the community at Hot Box and the instructors that is so welcoming and inspiring.


photo (2)

In terms of eating healthy, as I have mentioned in previous posts, I love to go to the farmers’ market to get local produce to make my own juice.  Here’s a picture of one of my favorites  beets, cucumber, spinach, kale, cucumbers and apple:


How are you staying fit and healthy?

Love Mari


4 thoughts on “Getting fit!

  1. Believe me, staying fit only gets more difficult as you get older! I go to SF Fitness (previously Golds Gym) on Grand during the week and meet with my personal training twice a month at Working Body. My partner Gordon and I are also road cyclists. I’m also a farmers market fan! You’ll find me at Grand Lake every Saturday!

    • Thanks for reading our post Linda! Oh I believe you, it’s getting tougher and tougher but I think I appreciate my health a lot more now than in my early 20’s. Yay farmers markets 🙂 Take care! – Mari

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