Hayward Farmers Market

My sisters and I try to go to the Hayward Farmers’ Market as often was we can.  This past weekend we were in for a wonderful surprise because there was an early Cinco de Mayo celebration going on.  Not only did we get to enjoy wonderful fresh produce, we also saw lots of performances and even dancing horses.

hayward farmers market

We picked lots of great produce and I was excited to have it for lunch.  My favorite this week was my tomato, feta cheese, basil and aragula salad topped with almonds and balsamic vinegar .  I got all of the ingredients from the Hayward Farmers’ Market except for the cheese, balsamic vinegar and almonds.  It sure was yummy and healthy!


Here’s a picture of my salad with my tuna salad sandwich 🙂

Tell us about your favorite farmers’ market purchases!

Love Mari


2 thoughts on “Hayward Farmers Market

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