Support Veteran-Owned Local Businesses

Scene from Veterans Day 2011 at Arlington National Cemetery. VA photos by Robert Turtil.

It’s not news that there are plenty of Veterans Day sales going on as a preview to the big Black Friday sales but we all know that Nov. 11 is really about honoring the men and women who risked their lives in protecting the freedoms that we all enjoy today. My own family wouldn’t have been able to immigrate from the Philippines if it weren’t for my uncle who served in the Navy. So thank you to all the veterans, thank you to all who are currently serving, and thank you to all the families who are waiting for their loved ones to come home safely. Thank you to those who have lost their lives in protecting this great nation.

I wanted to share with you all that I just learned that 22 percent of all veterans are either starting or buying a small business to run (See SBA’s Entrepreneurship and Business Ownership in the Veteran Population). So for those of you who started your holiday shopping, in addition to shopping at an independent, locally-owned business on Small Business Saturday, let’s add supporting a veteran-owned small business to our list.

I found this directory to be helpful in finding these veteran-owned businesses. Now we can patronize independent, locally-owned restaurants, construction services, shops etc. that are owned by veterans. Let us know if you know of a veteran-owned local business that we should check out. also posted an article by Renee Orrichio discussing how else you can support a veteran-owned local business. Check out the article here. Show a veteran how much you really appreciate their service and patronize a veteran-owned local business. Happy Veterans’ Day!


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