Food Truck Craze

There has always been something appealing about getting a quick bite at a taco truck but in the past couple of years, the food truck business has really taken off.  I used to go to Off the Grid in the Civic Center and UN Plaza when I was going to UC Hastings but since graduating, I have not really had a chance to get my favorite food truck grubs.

I found out last month that Off the Grid expanded to Hayward and I was definitely excited to check it out.  Marc and I along with a few other friends went on Monday night and we got my favorite pork belly and braised pork on steamed bun from The Chairman, a couple of bulgogi tacos from Seoul on Wheels and the super delicous roti bouquet from House of Siam.

Last night,  I was in Union City for my internship and my friend/co-intern and I realized that Food Truck Mafia had food trucks set up  right by City Hall (near Logan High School) and as if I did not have roti in my system yet from the night before, I got chicken satay skewers and roti with curry from Conklin’s Catering.

From bottom left to top right: The Chairman, House of Siam, Seoul on Wheels and Conklin’s Catering.

Although not all food trucks are independent and locally-owned businesses, a lot of them are.  I think it’s a wonderful place for aspiring restauranteurs to give themselves a shot in making it in this super competitive market.  I bet it’s less costly for them to get it started and they get customers from all over the bay.  One criticism that I often hear is it’s too pricy but I suppose that we pay a little extra for convenience and having a chance to try out all sorts of food.

What’s your favorite food truck?



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