Dublin’s Inaugural Splatter Festival

We checked out Dublin’s first food, wine, and art festival today called Splatter. Dublin’s weather is starkly different from other parts of the east bay as it still feels like summer here and it was nice to pretend for a day that we were still on summer vacation.

There was no admission fee which is great and there was so much to check out but it was not overwhelming to the point that you don’t know what to do. They featured culinary performances on stage, there were a few food trucks, and there was a tent where you can taste wines from Livermore Wineries. We definitely had a great time and it was nice to discover local businesses such as Mustache Mike’s Italian Ice and other vendors. There were lots of activities for kids as well such as this cool bubble station. The festival ended with a pretty awesome firework show that can be conveniently seen from Marc’s house.

20120922-212216.jpg Food from Blue Saigon and Cabana Dave’s food trucks.

20120922-212415.jpg Mustache Mike’ Italian Ice to cool us off.

20120922-212450.jpg There were many local vendors participating like his local honey business.

20120922-212559.jpg Fireworks to end the festival.

There are so many local festivals that are put on by East Bay cities. What’s your favorite one?


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