Corporate Handouts and Tax Breaks – More Reasons to Shift Local

Hello everyone hope you had a wonderful Father’s Day weekend!  I recently read an article by Robert Gammon on the June 13-19 issue of the East Bay Express titled: Pensions Aren’t The Only Problem.  It lays out the voter resentment over public-employee retirement plans.

What caught my attention can be summed up in this quote

In California, these corporate giveaways play an important role in why our state and local governments are broke.  The handouts include unnecessarily low corporate property taxes, tax exemptions for oil and natural gas extraction, and a corporate tax rate that forces small companies to pay the same rates as Google and Apple.

Gammon also mentions how mainstream media refuses to acknowledge these facts.  That’s basically because they’re owned by corporations.  Ever since the Great Depression and the rise (and deregulation) of corporate america the rich and powerful are running the show in the U.S.  Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate what they’ve done to make America the wealthiest country, but why be so greedy to allow 1 in 6 Americans to go hungry?

Sure there are corporate sponsors that support food banks.  Am I a cynic to say they’re responsible for our hunger problems?  Find out how much they’re donating to these food banks and compare it to the salaries of their executives.



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