Reason Behind Cash Mob Prizes: The 350 Project

It’s been a couple weeks since we had the Alameda Cash Mob and I wanted to write a post to remind those who received prizes to redeem it by June 25, 2012.  These prizes have no restrictions other than an expiration date.  Please support these independent locally owned businesses who generously donated $3.50 vouchers to those who participated in the cash mob.  Many businesses operate on very thin profit margins and $3.50 is a lot to give up, but these owners understood the importance of raising awareness to this cause and wanted to reward those who participated in the cash mob.

Mari and I developed the idea of giving away prizes to make the cash mob more engaging while providing an opportunity for other independent locally-owned businesses (ILOB) to partake in the event.  ILOB’s are very valuable to the community they reside in and there are so many in Alameda, we felt that we could take cash mobs to the next level by promoting more than the business we set to mob.

But why $3.50?  First of all, this seemed like a low enough amount to reduce the risk for the business owners’ bottom line.  But more importantly we wanted a message to tie-in our “shifterficates” (gift certificates haha).  If you haven’t read our about us, our prizes represent the 350 Project.  Essentially its message is to set aside $50 per month and pick 3 independently owned businesses to support in order to save your local economy.  That’s it!  If you’re employed that’s not asking too much of you.  This simple message is why Mari and I love the 3/50 Project and its mission.

Special thanks to Barbara Mooney, owner of Daisy’s who messaged us on Shift Local’s Facebook page that she is a close friend of Cinda Baxter, founder of the 3/50 project.  This helped spark our idea!

In closing I’d like to quote Cinda Baxter regarding her role as the Founder:

I hand Superman capes to small business owners, then teach them to fly.


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