Taking a break

Greetings from bar study land! I finally took a couple of days off from bar study (well I still studied but not as much) to visit home and celebrate my Dad’s birthday, two of my best friends’ birthdays and my cousin’s confirmation and it’s definitely a well-deserved break.

Here’s a picture of me and Marc being silly at my best friend’s birthday.

Bar study has been taking up all of my time but it’s been fun re-exploring Berkeley to find places to study and eat. While Berkeley is different since I graduated back in 2006 (I went to Cal for Undergrad) – new stadium, new buildings, etc. – some things never change. There’s still lots of local cafes and restaurants and I love how the pro-local movement is very active there. I’ll try to share some of my favorites when I get the chance.


I wish everyone a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and I hope you’re still making a conscious effort to shift local. If you attended the cash mob and won a prize from a local business in Alameda, make sure you redeem it and say hello to the local owner! I’m sure they would love to meet you. Share with us your experience redeeming them or if you want to organize a cash mob as well, I’m sure Marc is down to help and give a few pointers as well.


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