Alameda Cash Mob at Croll’s Pizza Recap

The Alameda Cash Mob at Croll’s Pizza turned out great with an official headcount of 61!  We were aiming for 100 participants but nevertheless that number doesn’t reflect the awareness raised towards the “Buy Local” movement.

We had an awesome time playing pinball while enjoying some delicious pizza and garlic cheese bread.  A few of us tried some local beer such as the Evil Twin, Amber Ale (Heretic Brewing Co, Pittsburg, CA).  We also enjoyed turning heads with our signs on Central Ave.

I’d personally like to thank those who RSVPed on our events page to help build hype but more importantly awareness for the cause. Thank you to our friends and family and to the First Christian Church of Alameda members who came out to show their support.  Thank you William Wong from Localize It! for dropping by.  Thank you Michele Ellson of Alameda Community News Project for the wonderful article and getting it on SFGate!  There were also so many other contributors that lead to this cash mob’s success, take a look: THANK YOU

Check out more pictures: cash mob pictures

With Mari studying for the bar, we aren’t organizing any cash mobs in the near future.  However there are many advocates for supporting local businesses all over the Bay Area volunteering their time to put together cash mobs and similar events.  I’ll make sure to get in touch with these people and keep you all updated!

Thank you for supporting me and Mari at Shift Local, I’ll try my best to post some thought-provoking content in Mari’s absence 🙂

What would you like to learn more about the Local movement?  Leave a comment and I can research it for you.

2 thoughts on “Alameda Cash Mob at Croll’s Pizza Recap

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