Thank you for the support!

Marc and I are grateful to all of the folks that have been helping us publicize the upcoming Cash Mob in Alameda.  Thank you to our growing list of supporters!

  1. Alameda Community News Project:  Cash Mob Craze Coming to Croll’s
  2. Alameda Patch:  Cash Mob Alameda on May 20 and Cash Mob Alameda
  3.  Alameda, California Cash Mob Notice
  4. Inner City Advisors:  Even though Croll’s is not an ICA busines, they promoted the event on their Facebook page anyway (See post on May 9)
  5. SF Gate:  Cash mob craze backs buying local

Cash Mob Alameda’s success is dependent on the community’s continuing support.  So if you love the unique feel of your town, if you want to help your local economy thrive, or if you are just pro-local, please invite your friends and family by sharing the event on Facebook, send an email or just by calling them up.

Also don’t forget about the poster contest, we only have one entry so far so make sure you join in the fun.


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