Let’s cash mob…

Why Croll’s Pizza? Croll’s Pizza is an independent and locally-owned family business.  Other than the fact that the pizza is DELICIOUS, Shift Local chose to cash mob Croll’s Pizza because of their commitment to the “support local” movement.  Croll’s Pizza uses “all-natural and locally sourced” ingredients in their pizza and serve beer from local breweries.  Oh and did I mention how delicious the pizza is?  So get your cash and appetite ready because we are cash mobbing Croll’s Pizza.

Here’s a picture of the pizza we ordered the last time we visited Croll’s Pizza.  We ordered the Croll’s Combo Supreme and the Chicken Special but Daniel, the owner, recommended the Margherita and the Pesto Special.  So we ended up getting all 4.  The verdict is the man knows his pizza.  The Combo Supreme and Chicken Special were great but maybe it’s because we always want meat in our pizza and never really focused on the vegetables but there was something about the freshness of the tomatoes and basil over the mozzarella cheese in the Margherita and the Pesto Special was just simply amazing.  Anyway, We’re getting those again when we go back for the cash mob and I also recommend the 7-olive appetizer because it just goes so well with the local beer!

Croll’s Combo Supreme,Chicken Special, Pesto Special and Margherita

So here are the details:

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