Cash Mob FAQs: What is a Cash Mob?

To answer some of your questions, we’ve compiled the following FAQs:

What is a cash mob?

A cash mob is like a flash mob but instead of gathering together to dance, individuals gather to spend their cash! The general idea is to encourage people to go into independent and locally-owned businesses and “spend their money, en masse, to give the business owner a little bit of economic stimulus.” The result is we help businesses grow, we make people happy and we all have a great time. For more info, see cashmobs.

How much do I have to spend?

Traditionally, a cash mob asks people to spend at least $20 but we don’t want to turn folks away who can’t afford to do so. Come anyway, bring a friend (or two) and get them to buy for you haha! Kidding aside, don’t let the $20 traditional amount to discourage you from attending. As long as you’re shifting some of your spending at an independent and locally-owned business, you’re making a difference.

What are the rules at the mob?

Spend $20 (if you can, if not spend however much you want but bring cash if possible), meet three people you didn’t know before and HAVE FUN!

How else can I help?

Spread the word. Invite people to this event via facebook, twitter or just send personal emails. If you need materials to send out, we are in the process of creating a digital flyer that we can send to you or you can just point them to this blog.

How did you choose the business to cash mob?

We chose an independent and locally-owned business in Alameda that has been a big supporter of the buy local movement! Here’s a hint: They carefully craft their “product” from scratch and the ingredients are all-natural, locally sourced, and organic when in season.


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