Buying Local is Good for You and Good for the Environment

Our post You Are What You Eat emphasized why buying local food is good for you, but did you know that buying local is also good for the environment?  Transporting food uses a tremendous amount of energy and causes more pollution. But when you buy local produce, you’re helping reduce the use of fossil fuels and damage to the environment.

Some people think it’s too hard to find locally-grown food therefore it’s more convenient to go to grocery chains.   However, as we pointed out in the last two posts, there are websites that can help locate farmers’ markets and other local merchants.  There are also many other local restaurants that make it a point to buy local produce for their ingredients.  For example, all of the ingredients that Croll’s Pizzeria uses in preparing their food are purchased from local farmers.  Even the sausages that they use are made by a family business in Oakland.   So if you’re not the cooking type or you just want good pizza and/or beer, check out Croll’s.

Croll’s Pizzeria is located on 705 Central Ave. in Alameda.

We know that we can’t completely give up buying from chains but if you just shift some of that spending to local merchants, that would still make an impact.


3 thoughts on “Buying Local is Good for You and Good for the Environment

  1. Thanks for the recommendation…love good pizza. Mari, I like the way you write…I feel I can picture the two of you enjoying your adventures. Mari, when do you take the BAR? I wish you happy study time…study hard but take care of yourself…get lots of rest!

    • Hi Peggy,

      Thanks for checking out our blog. I take the California Bar exam in July. I’ll definitely make sure to take care of myself, thank you! If you visit Croll’s pizza, let us know what your experience is like.


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