You are what you eat

Marc and I were pretty active in high school.  We both played sports and I was part of a Filipino Folk Dance group.  Then we went to college and we definitely gained more than the average college student, probably because Berkeley has the one of the best locally-owned eateries in the Bay!

Since hitting our mid-20’s, Marc and I realized that our bodies can no longer process the food (and alochol) the way it used to and we’ve become more conscious of making sure we exercise.  We regularly go on runs, hikes and we just try to incorporate physical activities in anything we do.

Here’s a picture from a hike that we did in Maui.

I think where a lot of people struggle is eating properly.  Marc and I love to try new restaurants and different types of cuisines.  Another reason why shifting local and away from chains is because we really don’t know what these big box stores put in their food.

When you go to locally-owned restaurants , you can ask the owners where they get their products from.   Similarly, buying local produce present less of a health risk than food grown somewhere else because they are sold directly to you by the farmers who can inform you about the chemicals on their product.  So next time you eat out or buy produce, make sure to ask because as they say, you are what you eat!

Here’s Marc checking out yummy fruits at a local fruit stand on our way to Hana, Maui.

Also as promised, I found an awesome list of the East Bay Farmers’ Market on  Check them out and let us know what goodies you found!


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