Arm Candy

I’m a big fan of stacking bracelets or as bloggers and budding fashionistas hastag it as “arm candy,” “arm party,” or “arm swag.”  A good amount of my bracelets come from Nordstrom, Urban OutfittersForever 21 and H&M.   Here’s a picture of one of the bracelets that I’ve been eyeing from Forever 21 to add to my collection:

As Marc posted in his last post, Thank You Cesar Chavez and the Alameda Food Bank, “a 10% shift in consumer spending from chains and Internet to locally owned retail, would create nearly 1300 new jobs and over $190 million in increased economic output for San Francisco,” so I consciously make an effort to shift some of my spending to support local businesses.

On Mondays, the UN Plaza (the same plaza where they have the Heart of the City Farmers’ Market) has local merchants  selling a variety of products – accessories, purses, candles and other souveniers.   The other day, I saw this vendor with an array of colorful bracelets:

And for the price of 2 for $5, I definitely could not resist but purchase 2.  Not only do you support your local economy but you also get a unique product.  I think I speak for most females but no one likes being caught wearing the same thing. I’m going back next week because my sister complained why I didn’t buy her any when it’s so cheap.  Here’s how I incorporated my purchases with the rest of my growing collection:

From right to left:  Gold Marc by Marc Jacobs watch, my colorful bracelet from the Farmers’ Market.  The gold bracelets are from a local thrift store and the green beads are actually from a Dollar Tree!

Top  to bottom: Black and silver bracelet from a sample sale, Marc by Marc Jacobs watch in silver, red bracelet from the Farmers’ Market, I’m not sure where I got black glass beadsat, and silver bangle from Nordstrom Rack.

The point is, you don’t have to completely stop purchasing from big box retail stores, it’s inevitable that you’ll need something from them.  All you have to do is set aside some of your budget to support local businesses.  After all, for every $100 spent in locally owned independent businesses, $68 goes back to the community through taxes, payroll and other expenditures while spending at national chains only gives back $43. (Source:  3/50 Project)

Have a great arm party!


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