Heart of the City Farmers’ Market

I’m finishing up my third year at the University of California, Hastings College of the Law (UC Hastings).  UC Hastings is in the heart of the Civic Center/Tenderloin area hence the nickname, “UC Tenderloin.”  While tour busses and tourists flock this part of town, if you’re not familiar with the Tenderloin, I wouldn’t recommend walking alone especially after dark.

But like any other urban setting, there is a rich and unique culture waiting to be discovered.  The proximity to the court house and city hall make it a hub for local activity.  From Off the Grid food trucks operating twice a week to Little Saigon which has the best selection of locally-owned Vietnamese restaurants in the Bay Area, the Civic Center/Tenderloin area has a lot to offer shift local supporters.

One of my favorite features of this neighborhood is the farmers’ market in the U.N. Plaza (7am to 5pm every Wednesdays and Sundays).  Off the Civic Center BART station, local vendors provide fresh produce and other goods like dried fruit, nuts, kettle corn and more.

Here are pictures of the amazing garlic/onion and jalapeño pistachios that I bought today:

I just realized I do not patronize East Bay farmers’ markets enough, mostly because I don’t really know the schedule.  I’ll do my research and be happy to share it with you all.  Where is your favorite farmer’s market?



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